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What You Should Know About Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters have been features of homes for hundreds of years, and Woodland Park homeowners continue to hire an experienced shutter company to install these shutters on their homes today to experience the shutters' many benefits, including curb appeal, privacy, and light control.

If you're considering plantation shutters for your home, you should keep the advantages and disadvantages of these window treatments in mind. Speak to the qualified professionals at Blindsource, a trusted shutter company, if you have any questions about the characteristics or performance of plantation shutters.

Characteristics of Plantation Shutters

  • Customization - Work with your shutter company to design plantation shutters that suit your personal preferences perfectly. The size, material, color, shape, and style of plantations shutters can be altered to complement any home's exterior.
  • Permanence - Plantation shutters are relatively permanent features of homes, unlike other window treatments such as blinds and shades. Because they can't be replaced as easily as other window coverings, you should make sure that you're completely satisfied with the plantation shutters that you select.
  • Energy Efficiency - Because the efficiency of windows contributes to up to 25 percent of your energy bill, purchasing window treatments with a high thermal resistance is essential. Plantation shutters retain heat during the winter and reduce heat transfer during the summer effectively. With the help of plantation shutters, your heating and cooling system can run smoothly so that your home remains at a comfortable temperature.
  • Limited Variety - Soft window treatments like draperies and shades offer more style, pattern, texture, material, and color variety than hard window treatments like plantation shutters.
  • Durability & Longevity - Plantation shutters are often considered to be the most durable window treatments because they can withstand severe weather and other external elements as long as they're maintained regularly.
  • High Price Tag - Because of their durability, plantation shutters tend to be more expensive that other window treatments, but many homeowners consider them to be worth the investment.
  • Increased Property Value - Plantation shutters are desired by many potential home buyers, so when you hire a shutter company to install these window coverings on your home, your residential property may become extremely attractive to potential buyers. Unlike temporary window treatments, plantation shutters will remain with the new homeowners once your house is sold.
  • Frequent Upkeep & Maintenance - Despite their extreme durability, plantation shutters still require regular cleaning and maintenance. If you need assistance with cleaning and tightening the louvers, you can contact your window treatment company.

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