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Home Articles How Cellular Shades Can Benefit Your Colorado Springs Home

How Can Cellular Shades Benefit Your Colorado Springs Home?

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Your Colorado Springs window blind company will be the first to tell you about the many benefits of cellular, or honeycomb, shades. These window shades consist of several layers of pleated fabric, which create internal compartments between the layers that resemble honeycombs. This pattern contributes to the shades' exceptional insulating capability.

The energy efficiency of window treatments is measured by their thermal resistance, or R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the thermal resistance. The R-value of your cellular shades is determined by their material composition, and they can have a thermal resistance of up to 7.0 when installed professionally by an experienced window blind company. The long, open slots of cellular shades trap air at the window, insulating the room from cold wind and solar heat.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Cellular Shades

As you consider the various window treatment options offered by your window blind company, you should be aware of the numerous benefits that cellular shades provide. For instance, the structure and material composition of cellular shades help to absorb noise, improve energy efficiency, and block light. Additionally, homeowners can purchase cordless cellular shades that decrease safety hazards.

Cellular shades are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and they're reasonably priced. Top Down Bottom Up is a style of cellular shades that allows you to lower the top or raise the bottom of the shades to adjust the level of privacy in your home. The installation process for cellular shades is simple and can be performed by your window treatment specialists quickly and easily.

Reach Out to Our Window Treatment Company

If you're intrigued by the advantages of owning cellular shades, contact a qualified window blind company like Blindsource to schedule a free design consultation for your Colorado Springs home. Once you've selected the perfect cellular shades, our skilled team will install the new window treatments with precision.

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